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Thoroughbred Owner & Breeder, Dec 2016
Back On Track
Diagnosing and dealing with back pain and dysfunction in the racehorse
(Courtesy of Thoroughbred Owner & Breeder incorporating Pacemaker.
Europe’s leading horseracing magazine.)

Thoroughbred Owner & Breeder, April 2016
Stress Fractures in the Racehorse
(Courtesy of Thoroughbred Owner & Breeder incorporating Pacemaker.
Europe's leading horseracing magazine.)

Australian Veterinary Journal 2010 Dec; 88(12)
Muscle strain injuries of the hindlimb in eight horses: diagnostic imaging, management and outcomes
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Horse & Hound, 15 July 2010
Can physiotherapists predict fractures?

Equine Veterinary Journal 2010 Apr; 42(3)
Associations between physiotherapy findings and subsequent diagnosis of pelvic or hindlimb fracture in racing Thoroughbreds
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Frontline, June 2009
A Day at the Races - Randy colts and kicks and stomps on the feet – it’s all in a day’s work for physios treating elite animals. Jennifer Trueland goes behind the scenes.

Equine Veterinary Journal 2008 Sep; 40(6)
Workshop Report - Sixth International Conference on Equine Locomotion
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Racebreed Australia, March/April 2006
Olympic Flashback - Kate Hesse sole physiotherapist in the Equine Veterinary Clinic at 2000 Olympic Games 

Pacemaker, March 2006
Sometimes Less Is More - Common problems associated with muscle injuries

Pacemaker, December 2004
Back To Basics - The many problems related to a racehorse's back

Racing Post, 9 September 2004
Kate Hesse, with the deftness of touch of a female version of Crocodile Dundee

Racebreed Australia, July/August 2000
Kate Hesse - An Olympic Choice

Herald Sun, 13 May 1994
Drover's life rich reward for a city slicker